Charles-Antoine de La Mairieu star his career by operating two properties in which different types of events were organized.
THEN, He worked in Real Estate and heritage groups.
His experience LEAD him to create his company « LA MAIRIEU Real Estate » specializing in International Real Estate for luxury and investment.
His dynamism and CONSCIOUSNESS allowed him to meet many experiMENTED people who have allowed him to GET INVOLVING.
• Jean-Jacques Layac : former expert in commercial courts
• Bernard Scaduto: International Real Estate specialist
. Abderrahmane Senhaji : International architect
. Anthony Indianos : International Lawyer in Cyprus
• Sotiris Antoniou: President of the Chamber of Commerce in Athens
• Jean-Jacques Olias of Ros Ramos: President of Financière Vendôme, of as COO
• Khanh Vo Hong: founder of Rexluxa, of which he is an international adviser
Today, with his contributors, he will be delighted to be able to meet to optimize your wealth