Charles-Antoine de La Mairieu began his career by operating two properties in which different types of events were organized. He has evolved in communication: events, graphic and digital, a real passion…Then, he worked in Real Estate and Heritage groups.
His experience lead him to create his company « LA MAIRIEU Real Estate » specializing in International Real Estate for luxury and investment.
Today, the name changed into « LA MAIRIEU.com » international public relations & business development »

The company work for  :
  • Financiere Vendome : Engineering and Global Heritage Strategy
  •  We offer you great investment opportunities in Greece with a large real estate group.
  • Gold Global Currency Corp : « Da Vinci Token » INNOVATIVE INVESTMENT IN PHYSICAL GOLD  :  is the combination of physical pure gold, blockchain and nano laser engraving technology https://www.davincitoken.com/images/whitepaper.pdf  .  Our President can also buy and sell gold. Charles-Antoine de La Mairieu is part of the management team and is responsible for international development.
  • A big international diamond dealer with certificates  HRD or GIA –former president of the diamond association of Antwerp.
  • A former judicial liquidator in France (building -hôtels – company)  : France
  • We are partners with Selectra to reduce your energy bills …

Charles-Antoine de La Mairieu is now the new President of this association « UCIAP 7è » (Paris)

He is surrounded by valuable collaborators:

  • Abderrahmane Senhaji: international architect & design
  • Marin Rachev: business development in Bulgaria
  • Frédéric Lefret: development and advice in cosmetics and perfumes
He will be delighted to be able to meet to optimize your heritage, …

We work discreetly and confidentially