Charles-Antoine de La Mairieu star his career by operating two properties in which different types of events were organized.
THEN, He worked in Real Estate and heritage groups.
His experience LEAD him to create his company « LA MAIRIEU Real Estate » specializing in International Real Estate for luxury and investment.
Today « LA MAIRIEU Real Estate has become » LA MAIRIEU.com                                              « international public relations  & business development »

The company work for  :
  • Financiere Vendome : Engineering and Global Heritage Strategy
  •  We offer you great investment opportunities in Greece with a large real estate group.
  • Gold Global Currency Corp : « Da Vinci Token » INNOVATIVE INVESTMENT IN PHYSICAL GOLD  :  is the combination of physical pure gold, blockchain and nano laser engraving technology https://www.davincitoken.com/images/whitepaper.pdf  .  Our President can also buy and sell gold. Charles-Antoine de La Mairieu is part of the management team and is responsible for international development.
  • A big international diamond dealer with certificates  HRD or GIA –former president of the diamond association of Antwerp.
  • A former judicial liquidator in France (building -hôtels – company)  : France
  • MARC JOHNEN BUSINESS CABINET : specialises in the merger & acquisition of family-owned businesses : https://www.marcjohnen.eu/en/

Charles-Antoine de La Mairieu is surrounded by valuable collaborators:

  • Alain GUY: economic intelligence in the context of business development – specialist of Africa
  • Abderrahmane Senhaji: international architect & design
  • Ziver Sabak’s: international re-cycling : www.sabaks.com – business development in Turkey
  • Marin Rachev: business development in Bulgaria
  • Frédéric Lefret: development and advice in cosmetics and perfumes
He will be delighted to be able to meet to optimize your heritage, …

We work discreetly and confidentially